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Printing method for s/s thermos bottles

Printing method for s/s thermos bottles

The printing is important for products like Sports bottle,thermosflask and travelmug,because, they areused for promotion and branding widely,the logo and designed theme have to bewell printed on the surface.  Andthey are productsthat showing individual's personality,the printing is the key part to delieverand shows the personality.

As the professional manfucturer of the sports bottle,thermos flask,travel mug and relatedproducts,we can put your logo,artwork well printed in our company,I want toshare the acknowledge I know on the printing methods on the above mentionedproducts (sports bottle, thermos flask, travel mug ).

The first one is silkscreen printing

It isthe most common printing method used on the drinkware, for example:sportsbottle,vacuum flasks etc. and it is also the cheapest one,easyto conduct.

screen printing is astencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silkor other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, andink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface.The technique uses awoven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil.

But the silkscreenprinting only suitable for the solid color partterns, take one of product linefor example: the 1-3 colors logo with solid color will be printed with silkscreen printing.Only one color can be printed one time,repeat the process toget multi color logo on the travel mug.

The limit is: supportlimited color and for solid color only

The second is heat transfer printing

Whenyour customer needs a vivid picture,maybe the cartoon charactor of Mickeymousefrom Disneyland to be printed on the surface,then you should consider the heattransfer printing.

In heattransfer printing, a design is printed in reverse on a special release paperusing a plastisol-based ink. The printed image is then placed against thedesired substrate and subjected to high temperature (commonly 375ºF) and pressure (60 pounds) for a short period of time. After thesubstrate has cooled, the release paper is peeled away and the image will havebeen transferred to the substrate.

The downside is the setup charge is much higher than silkscreen's, around 500USD per design,the costis only estimated, the actural cost depends on the size and the quantity of thecolors.Around 30% of our travel mugs are printed with heat transfer printing.

The third is decal printing

Thedecal also known as air printing,it is a paper that is coated with thepattern/design, then the travel mug or sports bottle wraped with the paper,heatit at the tempreture of 280°C,then the patterns will be transfered on the surface of theproducts,if there is a gap between the paper and the sports bottle,the patternwon't be clear on the product.

For moreinformation about printing method, please feel free to contact us. We willrecommend right solution for you.