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About Us
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Hono, Who we are?

Hono is specializing in designing and producing stainless steel vacuum containers. Our vision is to delight andenrich everyone’s life through our passion in creativity, quality andinnovation.Originating from basic bottles, Hono has fashionably evolved to series of basic and colorful designed products. A brand that is constantly moving forward,over the years, Hono has launched several ranges of vacuum containers to suit individuals' needs and preferences.


Hono, Make things great  

Hono sets up to small product, but we make it greatthing. Make great things, for a better world. The idea will always push us to move forward. Great things, doesn’t just means well-made and high quality, also means nice design and good function, and also … good services to our clients and customers. We always pursue to make great things for you.

Hono, Safe and healthy

Hono focus on foodsafe and healthy on our products. Hono’s bottle is not only to keep warm, keep cold, keep fresh,meanwhile it also keeps you a healthy life and comfortable experience. We insist using food safe Material, all passing FDA & LFGB testing; we also care mom & baby’s health: as we all know that, BPA effects in pregnantand kids both. Hono plays it safe, and has made a commitment to onlymanufacture products that are BPA-free. Keep BPA away from your kids and families.

Hono, Colorful and funcy life

Just like our design principle, color your life, there´s always a lot of buzz at Hono.It has always been our aspiration to promote positive living through eco-friendly and colorful products. Every now and then, Hono refreshes its collection with all new and improved images such as color, printing and function. It's our way of moving forward and keeping abreast with the varieties and changes of lifestyle.

Hono, More than a bottle

Worldwide, over 60billion tons of plastical waste is produced every year. Using a reusable water bottle is much better for our environment. We practice the idea of Save our earth. Go green! Be eco! It’s not just some fashionable concepts, but also what we strongly believe in and dedicated to our world. So Hono is not just a water bottle or merely any water bottle. Hono stands for a sustainable environment-friendly world and aims for a better future for tomorrow’s generation. We are proud to join hands with you to create a life that is worth living.

Providingour customers with excellent products and great service is our perpetual goal.Contact us to learn how we can satisfy your needs. Our clients from all over the world are sincerely and warmly welcomed to contact us and visit us.